USM Studio 200

14/07/2023 - I am thrilled to share that I have been invited once again as an exam panel by USM, this time to provide critiques for the year 2 architecture students' projects. The focus of their projects is the design of a youth community center, and I am excited to see their creative ideas come to life. 

USM Studio 100 

10/07/2023 - As a proud USM alumnus and Architect, I had the awesome opportunity to be an exam panel for the first-year architecture student's project critiques at my alma mater yesterday. It was a pretty cool experience, being able to share my professional knowledge and give feedback to the up-and -coming architects. 

Humble Start-Up

19/06/2023 - Architect Mun a humble start-up is officially opened and ready to serve and cater your architectural needs!

We are utmost grateful for the immense support of our dear family, friends, relatives, colleagues, clients, collaborators, mentors and to our Supreme Being, we wouldn't be able to push this start up without each and everyone.

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